Tsion Café’s menu is influenced by the worldly travels of owner Beejhy Barhany. Our Ethiopian dishes are seasoned with herbs and spices sourced from Ethiopia and the Mediterranean, and features Beejhy’s mom favorite spices and mixes. From her time living in Israel, Beejhy has brought along lovely dishes and salads that speak so flavorfully of their Mediterranean beginnings. And finally, from her travels through South America, she brings some of the best Chilean wines. Come taste our menu to be transported across the world. But our wine selection does not end there. We have had the opportunity of sampling and falling in love with the best Ethiopian wine -- Sheba Tej. The honey is locally sourced from New York State and blended as per an Ethiopian recipe that was brought to America from Ethiopian nationals fleeing the revolution within Ethiopia in the 1970’s. All that was left was a brew master. And that is what was found at Brotherhood Winey, the oldest surviving winery in America.
Our Ethiopian and Chilean wines, are joined by some of the best up-coming South Africa wines, as well as the Japanese Soju. Similarly, our beer is international, consisting of the best domestic and imported varieties -- with beers from US, Ethiopia, Germany and the Caribbean. Together with our food, wines and beer we compliment your dining experience with fair-trade Ethiopian blend coffee. And, as eating at Tsion Café though centered around the food is also a cultural experience, we regularly have the celebration of Ethiopian culture through the famous Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony. Our injera is made on-site, with a choice of gluten-free or regular. The process is long, tedious and can be considered an art. The outcome is that delicious slightly sour spongy bread that you love so much.
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