Brunch To Support Girls Education In Ghana

Brunch @ Tsion Cafe
"The only way to be is thankful. I'm thankful for opportunities opened up to me since returning to Ghana to work on behalf of the girls education initiative of Ghana, GEIG. Mine and my teams in Ghana and New York's commitment to advance education for ALL girls in Ghana is how I became the 2015 Vlisco brand ambassador in Ghana. I hope you'll all join me and the U.S. GEIG team for food, drinks, and music on Sunday as we support the girls to go back to school. Special thanks to Tsion Cafe & Bakery for accommodating us and Vlisco for sponsoring with items." Elizabeth ...

Tsion Cafe @ The Guardian

Tsion Cafe @ The Guardian
Source: The Guardian "Tsion is a cozy Ethiopian restaurant in upper Harlem. If you want a warm greeting, Ethiopian tibs, an organic chai, or a pure strong ginger tea that will clear your sinuses after a few sips, this is the place for you. On the right evening, you may enjoy a poetry slam or an independent film screening. Unless you must have a side of honey, feel free to let your taste buds dance without being chaperoned by sugar, since Tsion’s chai brew is natural with no sugar added."

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