Artist Jamel Robinson at Tsion Cafe

  • November 3, 2017

>Tsion Cafe Supports the Arts:

Jamel Robinson is a poet and self-taught visual artist best known for his abstract paintings on canvas and non traditional surfaces. He began the new chapter of his creative journey after being asked to paint a poem on a canvas for a group exhibition in the winter of 2011.

Robinson has appeared in various charity auctions, solo exhibitions and group shows in New York, Los Angeles, Paris and in Copenhagen. His paintings, drawings and sculptures have sold to a variety of prominent collectors and gained Robinson popularity in the US and abroad.

Jamel has exhibited with the Ivy Brown Gallery in New York, the EFERYA Gallery in Paris and Gallery Von Schmordenfaden in Copenhagen and is based in Harlem, New York where he was born, raised, lives and works.

For inquiries, please contact him at

Instagram: @jrcreativeink !

All pieces of art are on sale.

Come enjoy some music, great art, fantastic food and wonderful company.

Enjoy Sugar Hill!

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