Art at Tsion Cafe – Artist Eteri Chkadua and Gocha Chkadua

  • May 5, 2018

Art at Tsion Cafe – Artist Eteri Chkadua and Gocha Chkadua

The work on display is that of , Painter Eteri Chkadua and designer Gocha Chkadua. Siblings that
emigrated from the country Georgia, at the time Georgia was breaking up from the Soviet Union and was engulfed in a Civil war.
Presently Gocha leaves and works in Harlem and Eteri works and leave downtown NYC and Kingston, Jamaica.

Gocha has gone a long way, both geographically and literally, in establishing himself as a unique inventor and designer.
After dropping out from Medical school in Vladivostok he studied Industrial Design at the State Academy of Arts in Tbilisi.
In 1996 worked on sets for the Julie Taymor’s famous Broadway production of the play Green Bird .
In 1998 Gocha worked at the Minnesota Museum of Science, in Minneapolis where he helped to construct installations. While working there he invented his most provocative creation–
original magnetic smoking pipe made up of powerful magnets which could easily be disguised as an ordinary pendant. The “Magnet-Pipe” which was reviewed in various magazines around the world, including I.D. Magazine (International Design Magazine, April 2000), USA; LODOWN, Entertainment magazine, (Germany); BIOND, New Lifestyle Magazine, (June,2000,, Germany), Time Out, (NY, 2000), and Spectator, (Japan).

Since 2010 Gocha has been creating an Art installations series “Alien Bloom” in collaboration with Eteri, with an emphasis on ecological themes.
Eteri paintings has been displayed in gallery’s and museums around the world . She presented her country Georgia in Venice Bienalle and is recipient of From Pollock Krashner foundation grant , Creative Times and NY Art foundation grant .

The paintings displayed here are from Eteri’s private collection –these are her first paintings she created when she moved to NYC and was hanging at the downtown Regge clubs in 90 ies .

Exhibition here presented a small version of larger instillation Alien Bloom.

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