Community Connections

La Colombe

Besides their great taste, it was very simple as to why we decided to proceed with LaColombe as our provide of coffee. The below are 5 guiding principles which La Colombe adheres to — principles that are very important to us.

Fairness – All trading partners are to be treated fairly. No strike price is ever to be below that established by the Fair Trade Organization. Additionally, farm workers’ wages must be verifiable fair, working conditions must be humane and basic health must be made available.

Longevity – Long-term commitments are to be established with all coffee sources, thereby providing a more certain future for our trading partners.

Opportunity – Priority is given to nations, regions and farmers with the greatest need and where our purchases can make the greatest impact.

Water – Access to clean drinking water must be provided by the farmer to the families associated with our supplier farms.

Strictly Earth Conscious – Earth Conscious coffees are coffees grown on farms that hold at least two earth friendly certifications, whether certified organic, Fair Trade or as close to Carbon Neutral as possible.:

Corbin Hill Food Project

Corbin Hill Farm is a network of rural farms and urban communities in New York. They work with farmers from upstate New York and community groups in New York City to deliver fresh, local produce to Harlem and the Bronx.


We decided to work with Jetro because of its interest in improving the health of new yorkers. Tthe company has increasingly sought to help community based cafes and restaurants to stock healthy options for their customers. Partnering with the NYC Dept of Health, City health workers have tagged items in its warehouses that meet a city-approved nutritional standard with white magnets saying: “Good choice, shop healthy.” Jetro has also cultivated its own network of farmers and suppliers to guarantee fresh products. Jetro is good for the community and Jetro is good for our business.

Sheba Inc.

Makers of Sheba Tej, Sheba Inc has supported events and organizations in the Harlem community for over 2 decades. The company has made it an effort to especially support organizations that seek to further the cultural and historical understanding of Ethiopia and its people. It has done this by supporting film series, conferences and other cultural events that serve to introduce Ethiopia’s people and heritage to the great New York City community. We are proud to be partners with such a forward thinking organization.

the coffee [the brand and our fair trade coffee]; and
organizations we have connected with that are strengthening our community.

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