Artists Chanel Cook and Vincent Jackson at Tsion Cafe

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On Mar. 11th at 7:30PM, we will host the reception for Chanel Cook and Vincent Jackson.

Chanel Cook
Chanel Cook is an artist singularly devoted to the texture of art. Quite literally, Chanel’s works of interwoven canvases, layered medium painting style and gross juxtaposition of subjects create a depth in her finished pieces that have to be experienced personally to be fully understood.
While studying studio art and art history at Drew University, Chanel experimented with various themes of presentation, from minimalism to sculpture, and found that painting appealed to her the most, precisely because of the varied effects that could be achieved with the stroke of a brush.
Her love of texture eventually caused her to experiment with layering, creating subtle topographical landscapes to her paintings. Layering successively and obscuring certain parts of an image with another, Chanel began cutting entire completed paintings into strips and reassembling them, forming finished pieces, which, while still containing the original subjects, became entirely different works of art in the process.

Vincent O. Jackson
Vincent Jackson was born in 1948 and grew up in the village of Harlem, New York. Vincent began painting in junior high school and was encouraged by his family to study art. He presented his family to study art. He presented his portfolio and was accepted to the prestigious High School of Music & Art. After graduating high school, Vincent continued his fine arts education attending classes at the City University of New York and the new school for social research. After college, Vincent taught elementary and secondary art at New York institute for the education of the blind in the Bronx, New York, for over a decade.
Jackson’s love of Jazz is reflected in the ensemble of paintings featuring: Richie Cole, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie and Charles Lloyd.

Expressionism and modern art are reflected in Vincent’s use of Pointillism. Astounding is Jackson’s ability to capture details and use color to create a feeling of light. He utilizes a combination of mediums: Acrylics, Oil pastels, Charcoal pastels, Pen & Ink and Pencils.
Vincent begins each day with the ritual of mediation and practicing piano. From his inspiration Vincent O. Jackson is motivated to paint for hours.

All pieces of art are on sale.

Come enjoy some music, great art, fantastic food and wonderful company.

Enjoy Sugar Hill!

Art at Tsion series 8-2

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